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The best and safest way to plant wetland plants. Also the fastest to establish

Lack of water level control is often a problem when planting wetlands. The installed wetland plant often dies if the water level is too deep, unless they are mature Instant Border® strips.

To survive long periods of inundations, wetland plants need large rhizomes, which are full of starch. This starch is the food reserves the wetland plants require to survive inundation. Tubes and pots are too small to form large enough rhizomes. Instant Border®, however, has long rhizomes which is what is required to survive these long periods.

Birds can often pull wetland plants out, and they can easily pull out Viro-Cells, Viro-Tubes, and even 75mm tubes. However, it is difficult for them to pull out large Instant Border® strips. Wave action and water flows can wash out plants, however, the Instant Border® strips are not only resistant to wash out but they also help prevent against erosion.

One strip of Flora-Edge native wetland plants can spread to cover 2 metres squared within 6 months after planting.

A strip of Instant Border® measures 500mm long and 50mm wide. Instant Border® is a great aid in landscaping as it provides pleasant, instant vegetation and also helps prevent against erosion.

Available in Instant Border™ Flora-Edge® Strips

  • Schoenoplectus validus
  • Baumea articulata
  • Carex appressa
  • Eleocharis sphacelata
  • Isolepis nodosa
  • Juncus usitatus

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