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This innovative new product is a turf pre-grown with our specialised reinforcement mesh. Making Scuff Turf™ the answer to growing turf in high traffic areas.

Scuff Turf™ is the perfect solution for those areas that are near impossible to grow turf, such as where your grass receives light vehicle traffic, heavy pedestrian traffic or dog wear and tear. It is also great for front yards, nature strips, golf courses and other sporting facilities, council parks and even for erosion control.

The semi-rigid plastic Scuff Turf™ protects the ground from being compacted and stops grass stolons, leaves and roots from being worn out. Scuff Turf™ is super wear tolerant, but with the lawn covering the Scuff Turf™, all children and dogs feel is soft grass.

At this stage, Scuff Turf™ is only available in Kenda® Kikuyu, but we are hoping to have Sapphire® Buffalo available in the future, and further down the track other lawns.

Currently it is only available in NSW and Victoria, but we hope to find more growers in other states in the future. See below for grower contact details and price guide.

We recommend to always wear thick gloves if you are laying the turf yourself as the mesh can have sharp edges after the turf has been cut.

We advise keeping dogs off the grass for 2-4 weeks after the turf is layed, this will allow the turf time to establish (dependent on time of year and size/number of dogs).

Click here to download the Scuff Turf™ brochure



Where to Buy & Pricing

Supplier Location Phone Email Price (approx.)
Rivers Edge Turf EBENEZER 02 4579 9009 $23.00 per metre square incl. GST + delivery
Supplier Location Phone Email Price (Approx.)
Austral Turf Supplies PAKENHAM 0433 037 360 $23.00 per metre square incl. GST + delivery
Supplier Location Phone Email Price (Approx.)
I Love Turf COOCHIN CREEK 0488 744 280 $23.00 per metre square incl. GST + delivery

Please note these prices are a guide and are subject to change.

When you are considering the price of Scuff Turf™ please take into consideration the cost to install mesh after normal turf is layed. For example, the mesh is approx. $8 per metre square, plus the cost of the turf, plus the cost of the pegs to secure the mesh and the cost of top dressing. Not to mention all the extra time and work that is involved for you.

With Scuff Turf™ its all done for you by the grower.

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