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About Ozbreed


Ozbreed Green Life is a plant breeding, marketing, and distribution company well-known for their no fuss, functional and reliable landscape plants.

Trusted by landscape professionals to handle the toughest conditions, our improved varieties have been planted on roadsides, in large commercial projects, award-winning residential landscapes and in gardens Australia-wide as well as internationally.

Each product is backed by over 20 years of breeding experience and an average of 5-10 years of thorough testing on each plant.

What Ozbreed Does

Breeding and Testing

Plants are trialed for disease resistance, soil adaptability, ability to tolerate drought and flood conditions, extreme heat and cold tolerance, habit uniformity, maintenance requirements, shade tolerance, invasiveness as well as for special purposes such as use in playgrounds, green roofs, green walls, swales, rain gardens, fire retardant abilities and erosion control properties.

Backed with this knowledge, Ozbreed has a deep understanding of where each plant will thrive and what extremes they can survive. Resulting in tougher, more reliable plants that landscape professionals can trust.

Ozbreed staff checking breeding stock

Brand Building and Marketing

Ozbreed is a trusted brand that values investment in marketing. We conduct market research for all plants that will be introduced, liaising with our extensive network of propagators, growers and landscape professionals. We name the product and develop its position in the market.

Then we invest heavily in marketing to ensure a successful launch. Preparing labels, flyers, website content, videos, social media posts, magazine advertising and more to improve the sales of our plants for all our customers.

Ozbreed Flyers

Introduction, Sales and Licensing

Ozbreed licenses the right to grow our plants to our Propagator and Grower network as well as to wholesalers and retailers through Ozbreed Easy Access (OEA). This ensures sufficient supply to the market. A royalty is collected at this stage which is reinvested into the business for marketing.

Tissue Culture of Ozbreed Plants

Ongoing Support

Ozbreed provides our business partners with ongoing support throughout the product’s lifecycle. We keep in close contact with our propagator and grower network to provide advice about growing our products and listen to their experience in the field so that we can improve future varieties.

We also have close relationships with landscape professionals Australia-wide, supporting them with the latest research and extensive plant information so that they can make the best choices for their designs.

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