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About Us


“We encourage more green life for a better environment – by providing a range of no fuss, functional and reliable products – that are innovative and easier to use for nurseries, landscape professionals and gardeners alike.”

Ozbreed is an environmental green life company that was established in 2002, specialising in breeding landscape gardening plants.

At Ozbreed, we focus on bringing you innovative plants that are bred for performance. The breeding and development of our products have been significant and testing vigorous. Before we put our products on the market, we want to make sure they are at a high standard.
Ozbreed plants are revolutionising gardens and the landscape industry by providing a full line of drought tolerant, low maintenance plants that can be used in many situations.

Ozbreed also identified, tested and developed a turf selection you can truly rely on. The Ozbreed turf division was acquired in 2017 and is now in the capable hands of TurfBreed Pty Ltd. These improved warm season turf varieties are leading the way in the industry and are readily adopted by landscapers, councils, architects, golf course superintendents – anyone who values superior aesthetics and functionality of reduced water and maintenance needs in their landscapes.

There are over 100 wholesale nurseries Australia wide growing Ozbreed products.

About our Environmental Commitments

Environmental breeding

Ozbreed uses natural breeding to produce new varieties. The process mimics nature. Most plants have been bred by choosing a better plant from large batches of seedlings. Many of these new plants will not produce viable seed. E.g. TANIKA® is a male sterile variety. Plants like LITTLE JESS™ will rarely produce a viable seed, but if they do the seedlings will revert back to natural forms, making these plants an environmentally safe choice. The great thing about using these types of plants is that the design will not only look much better, but the performance of the landscape will be greatly enhanced, all without compromising any environmental factors.


Not only does Ozbreed employ environmental breeding, we try our best to be sustainable in any way we can and know that we can always improve. We recycle our E-waste, re-use our pots in the nursery and we are reducing our paper use (by using electronics records for the majority of our work and accounts).

About our Community Commitments

Ozbreed regularly donates to the charities listed below.

  • Camp Quality
  • The Cancer Council
  • The Guide Dogs Association
  • Lions Club
  • World Vision (sponsor children)

About our team

Ozbreed is a family owned and run business. Meet the team behind Ozbreed below.

Katrina Baglin (Dip. Hort. [Landscape Design] Landscape Horticulturist)

Katrina grew up around plants and turf and started work in the nursery industry in 2008. She finished her Diploma of Horticulture (Landscape Design) in 2011.

Whilst working at Ozbreed, she has been involved in various research projects, including green roof and wall trials, plants in playground mulch, carbon trials and turf research. Katrina has worked in a variety of roles at Ozbreed (nursery, marketing, administration, R&D, new products and more) making Operations Manager a great fit. She works to ensure Ozbreed continue to focus on their vision of “No Fuss. Functional. Reliable.” and to support the innovation that the Ozbreed team can provide.

Marina Layt (Director)

Marina has been the finance and management backbone for both Abulk and Ozbreed since 1990. She has worn many hats at Ozbreed, and is the person who turns Ozbreed ideas into reality and keeps the company running smoothly. Along with being great at finances, she is charitable and ensures that we give back to important causes.

Todd Layt (Director)

Todd grew up on a turf farm in the early to late 1970’s and was running the farm by the 1980s where he gained his first hand experience with turf varieties. The farm was sold in 1986 and Todd spent a few years working for larger corporate companies. With limited resources he started Abulk (Turf and Wholesale Nursery) in 1990 which laid the foundations for Ozbreed. After some years many of his customers kept asking for an improved native grass so with this in mind Todd developed Australia’s 1st improved native grass, Poa labillardieri ‘Eskdale’ . The business quickly grew with improved varieties of ornamental grasses, strappy leaf plants and improved turf varieties.

Recently Todd has been focusing on native shrubs & ground covers and environmental hardy exotics. Todd has worked hard to build Ozbreed, and now focuses on breeding a variety of plants, to keep supplying Ozbreed with innovative and new genetics.

Emil Montibeler (National Business Development Manager)

Emil is a successful sales professional with 18 years experience in direct client sales, sales management and leadership across corporate and private businesses. He has also spent 11 years in the landscaping and building industry, selling to all levels from sub-contractors to specifiers/project managers. Integral to Emil’s success is key industry stakeholder management, and as such, he has sat on boards and committees within the Landscape/External works industries such as the LNA NSW & ACT and is an active member and contributor to other key industry associations such as AILA, AILDM, NGIA/NGINA, Parks & Leisure Australia, Landscape Contractor Associations, Green Roofs & Walls Australia, Turf Australia and the like.

Emil has been working at Ozbreed since 2016, aiding and educating Landscape Professionals with the best plants to use in different applications for their region. Prior to that Emil was working alongside Ozbreed as the Associate Publisher & National Sales Manager of Universal Magazines leading group of Outdoor Titles such as Australia’s Industry leading and Iconic ODS (Outdoor Design Source), Outdoor Design & Living (Outdoor Rooms) and Backyard & Garden Design Ideas to name a few.

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