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PINNACLE™ Syzigium australe 'AATS' PBR

PINNACLE™ Syzigium australe 'AATS' PBR

PINNACLE™ is an Australian Native Narrow Screen Syzygium

PINNACLESyzygium australe ‘AATS’ 

Pinnacle™ Syzygium Lilly Pilly is unique. This is the first time landscape gardeners will have the ability to use a native in narrow areas as a screen tree or shrub.

It is a narrow Australian native Lilly Pilly, similar in shape to a Pencil Pine or narrow Conifer. A very narrow growing native tree for tight areas, providing a sculptured design for impact.

Retains a compact upright form which makes it excellent for hedging, screening or compact planting zones such as town houses.

Pinnacle™  Syzygium can be pruned to stay shorter, but it requires very minimal to no pruning to stay narrow.

Pinnacle™  Syzygium is available now in the size of 200mm to larger advanced trees.

Height & Width 6m – 10m x 1m – 1.5m Pinnacle can reach over 8 metres in height but is usually smaller in cultivation and can be pruned shorter.

Tight planting zones. Plant Pinnacle™  Syzygium along a fence line, a driveway, a wall, or use it to create a barrier itself, and as it is so thin it will take up less space.

White duster flowers from Nov – Dec

Best Planting Time
March – November

Full sun to part shade. Tolerates drought & cold. Pinnacle™  Syzygium suits most soils but prefers moist conditions and, well drained soils

Be aware of psylid; trim as required

This website gives general information for the states/regions in Australia. For local information on which plants work in your area contact your local grower. Local grower knowledge is vital, this website is no substitute.

Heights shown on the website are for general gardening conditions. In well maintained gardens, some plants will get taller.

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