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OZBREED is a well known environmental turf and plant breeder, offering many low maintenance drought tolerant turf varieties that thrive in harsh Australian conditions. Below is a selection of varieties available with easy to follow descriptions. With loads of growers around Australia, you can easily get the right turf for your requirements. In November 2017 Ozbreed sold their turf division to focus on plant breeding, for more on turf you can contact My Home Turf.

Nara™ Native turf is Australia’s first all purpose Native turf, Nara is a beautiful fine textured lawn that thrives Australia wide. It is very drought and salt tolerant with excellent disease and pest resistant. Nara grows well in full sun to 40% shade, is very good at out competing weeds and requires less mowing. Recent trials have shown it has excellent winter colour when fertilised well in Autumn. Super cold tolerant, surviving down to -17°C, Nara is also very heat and humidity tolerant. Perfect for any home, commercial or coastal lawn. For more information on Nara, go here.

Empire™ is a soft fine textured lawn with deep green colour, Empire requires 2-3 times less mowing than an average lawn. Empire thrives in drought, humidity & wet & is very low maintenance. For more information visit here

Kenda® is fast establishing with lovely dark green colour, Kenda has quick wear recovery making it perfect for kids, pets & sporting facilities. Kenda is less likely to seed making it safer near bushland. For more info visit here

Sapphire® is a soft leaf buffalo, the only high performance fine textured buffalo in Aust with 17% finer leaf. Stunning winter colour, Sapphire is rated No. 1 in independent industry trials in shade. For more info here

Palmetto® is the biggest selling Buffalo in the world. Well known to have excellent winter colour & is very water efficient, Palmetto is slow growing & requires less mowing & edging. For more information visit here

Stadium® is bred exclusively for sporting venues, it has good density without thatch problems. Has a manicured look & dark green colour, has very little seed head production which reduces maintenance costs. Performs in warm, dry or humid climates. For more information visit here


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