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Maintenance Articles

Please click on the links below to view an article on maintenance. Note: some of these articles may be in PDF format.

Chemicals & Fertilisers
A practical guide on chemicals, fertilisers, and garden consumables.

Chunky Mulch
Further evidence that chunky mulches are best.

Do you need to prune native plants?
There is a common myth that native plants don’t need pruning, see the truth here

Easiest Plants and Turf
What are the easiest Plants and Turf to Maintain? – and best for the environment.

Fertilising lawns in winter!
Is it more important than spring and summer fertilising?

Gardening & Water Restictions
Gardening to survive water restrictions.

How To Keep Plants Looking Their Best – Quick Reference Guide
A quick guide to giving your plants a little extra care to produce amazing results.

Labour Saving Devices
The biggest cost of maintaining a landscape is labour. Finding labour saving devices…

Low Maintenance Turf Varieties
A selection of low maintenance drought tolerant turf varieties that thrive in harsh Australian conditions.

Mass Planting Techniques
Hints on how to get better results when planting large areas of plants and turf, including establishment maintenance.

More Green, Less Labour for Landscape Contractors, Developers, Architects and Home Gardeners
Saving costs on Maintaining Landscapes

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of mulch.

New and Amazing Lawn Mowers, Chemicals and Fertilisers for Landscape Professionals
So what’s new now and what are some of the underused revolutionary products of the past?

Pruning Modern Landscape Plants
Pruning ideas including utilizing modern machinery for efficient pruning.

Pruning young trees
Part 2 of Pruning Modern Landscape Plants

Summer Tips
Practical tips for summer maintenance.

Tips – Part 1
First 10 Tips for Maintaining Lawns and Gardens.

Tips – Part 2
Tips 11 to 20 for Maintaining Lawns and Gardens.

Tips – Part 3
Tips 21 to 30 for Maintaining Lawns and Gardens.

To Hire or Buy Landscaping Equipment In Uncertain Times?
Buying sensibly can motivate success. Hiring efficiently can reduce costs

Turf for Shady Yards, Wet Feet and Low Maintenance
improve the shade tolerance of your lawn

Water is the Issue
Maintaining turf and gardens in times of drought and water restrictions.

Watering and Fertilising Lawns
Advice on watering and fertilising warm season turf types. (142KB PDF)

Why Are Australian Native Plants Better?
Australian native plants have long been preferred options for home gardeners and landscapers alike.

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