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Dianella, Westringia, Eucalypt, Agapanthus and Tristaniopsis




Ozbreed have recently released a new Myoporum, a new Westringia, Kangaroo Paws, and a new tree called Luscious. Tough Australian natives to go with there Dianella Little Rev, and Cassa Blue, real stars of drought tolerant landscapes.

LITTLE REV™ is a Drought Tolerant Dianella with Compact Blue Foliage, Dianella Little Rev is providing landscape architects, designers, councils & landscapers with a plant that has excellent appearance and a unique look, with its brilliant blue upright foliage.

CASSA BLUE® is a Compact Dianella with rich blue foliage and a far superior display compared to most Dianellas. This flax lilly is great as a colour contrasting plant, for mass planting, accent plant, foliage or grassy gardens. Low water requirement.

MUNDI™ is a tough and beautiful ground cover Westringia. Westringia Mundi has good sized white flowers in spring.

VINTAGE RED™ is the first red foliaged Eucalypt in the world. It is a decorative ornamental Australian native tree with stunning red foliage. Vintage Red is ideal for large home gardens, parks, roadsides, acreage and farms. For use in smaller gardens and close to houses.

QUEEN MUM™ is a new Agapanthus with extra large dual coloured white and blue flower heads. These unique flower heads put on a beautiful display during summer. It is very disease, frost, humidity and heat tolerant.

LUSCIOUS® is a vastly improved form of the Tristaniopsis. An Australian Native Landscape Tree. Luscious Tristaniopsis features foliage almost double the size of the original with a gorgeous, lush, shiny appearance topped off with copper new growth. It makes a great native alternative to the exotic magnolia.

GOLD VELVET is a clean foliage Anigozanthos with mid sized foliage that is less prone to disease. This landscape Kangaroo Paw has magnificent yellow flowers, was bred for toughness and is a great size for landscaping. Watch this video…

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