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Ozbreed’s New Star – Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra
Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra has been at the top of landscape performance for Ozbreed

Shara™ – It’s one tough Lomandra through drought and flood!
Shara™ Lomandra continues to prove its toughness and versatility in the tough Australian climate

Phytophthora in Australia and Resistant Lomandras
Phytophthora is a root rot disease that can cause major die back on sites

Lomandras for Queensland
What are the top Lomandras for Queensland?

Green Life for Bio-retention swales and basins
Successful planting of Bio-retention swales and basins.

Grey Box™ Westringia crowned Plant of the Year 2015
Grey Box™ Westringia has been crowned Plant of The Year.

Aussie Native Plants Are Winner In Green Roof Trials
Green roofs need more than just succulents.

Benches and Hedges
Minimalist or more Traditional? Modern Australian formal gardens reflect our culture.

Playgrounds Set To Increase Green Space
Playgrounds are about to become a greener solution.

Soft Fall Landscapes For Playgrounds
A whole industry has developed around keeping kids safe in play areas.

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Australian Botantical National Gardens
Website for Australian National Botanical Gardens
Gardening Australia ABC
Official Gardening Australia ABC website
The Garden Gurus
Website for The Garden Gurus TV show
Australian Plants Society
Website for Australian Plants Society
Burkes Backyard

Official Burkes Backyard website
Landscape Contractor + Landscape Manager
Trade magazine ‘Landscape Contractor + Manager’
Arbor Age
Trade magazine titled ‘Arbor Age’
Best Plants
Landscape gardening plants by Ozbreed
Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo
Official website for Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf
Empire Turf
Official website for Empire Turf
Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo
Official website for Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf
Nara Native Turf
Official website for Nara Native Turf
Kenda Kikuyu Turf
Official website for Kenda Kikuyu Turf
Sod Solutions
Research, development and promotion of turf in America
European Ornamental Plants
Ozbreed plants available in Europe
New Zealand Ornamental Plants
Ozbreed plants availble in New Zealand
The Lawn Guide
A very helpful site with lawn tips and articles
Lawn Club
Articles, resources and a forum for Aussie contractors
The Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Review Site
A review site for soft leaf buffalo grass
Garden Reviews
A forum and review site for gardens, plants and turf
Australian Outdoor Living
A guide to garden design ideas
Screening and Hedging Plants
A guide to the best screening and hedging plants


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