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Below is a selection of Ozbreed’s 3D Landscape Gardening Plants available for download. NEW 3D graphics have been added to the updated downloads below. These files and images are royalty free to use and are formatted for some of the popular design applications.

Note: Image Props, Components, and 3D camera facing models can also be used in 2D graphics.

Application & File Types

Select the plant range you would like to download below and then choose one of the file options suitable for your program. Some are easy to install, and some need a little work, it depends on which program you use. Instructions on how to use each file type is located in the “Readme” file in each zipped folder. Contact your program supplier if you have difficulties getting them to work.

Most Design Programs: The PNG, TIFF, SketchUp, Vectorworks & JPEG files are sized to keep the overall design file as small as possible whilst keeping a good plant graphic. The small file size is recommended for most designs where plants are viewed from far away. The large file size is recommended for designs with close up views.

Higher Resolution Files: Photoshop and TGA files are higher resolution images for other uses.

All plants were converted to Vectorworks image props by Jonathan Pickup from Arconcad.
Visit the website for Vectorworks Training:

All plants were converted to SketchUp by Aaron Troy from Atlas Landscape Architects.
Visit his website here:

1. Graphics representing plants in ground or in a pot – Some graphics have not been cut off at the base of the plant. This is to allow the foliage to overhang if it were to be used in a pot or the edge of a retaining wall. This means if using the graphics planted in the ground, you will have to adjust where it sits on the Z or Y axis in your design program so it doesn’t appear to be floating.2. If using a file type where you have to import into the program yourself – you have to take into account the whole image doesn’t represent the whole plant size. E.g. You may have to take into account overhanging foliage when putting in the height and width values for that image and put in a higher value to accurately represent the plant (This applies to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop & TGA files).
3. Click here for a PDF document with the recommended sizes for use of Ozbreed plant images in 3D CAD programs (80KB).

Download 3D Graphics
Ozbreed Strappy Leaf Plants Hardy Exotic Plants Emporium Range of Plants
Native Shrubs and Ground Covers Advanced Trees
Velvet Kangaroo Paws Encore Azaleas

Download Ozbreed Strappy Leaf 3D Graphics

Includes the following plants:
Blaze™, Breeze®, Cassa Blue®, Evergreen Baby™, Great White™, Katie Belles™, Katrinus Deluxe, Little Jess™, Little Rev™, Lucia™, Lucky Stripe™, Nyalla®, Revelation®, Shara™, Tanika®, Tasred®, Twilight Green™ and Wyeena®

Strappy Leaf Plants 3D Graphics Preview Image

PNG & Chief Architect | 29.7MB

PNG Top Views | 28.3MB

TIFF & ArchiCAD | 31.4MB

Photoshop | 96.6MB

SketchUp | 35.1MB

JPEG with Alpha Chanel | 39.8MB

Vectorworks | 46.2MB

Vectorworks Top Views | 18.4MB

TGA | 71.4MB

Download Ozbreed Native Shrub and Ground Cover 3D Graphics

Includes the following plants:
Aussie Flat Bush™, Aussie Rambler™, Better John™, Blue Gem™, Blue Horizon™, Cherry Cluster™, Crimson Villea™, Free Fall™, Gold Cluster™, Green John™, Grey Box™, Low Horizon™, Macarthur™, Meema™, Mundi™, Naringa™, Ocean Reef™, Ozbreed AUSSIE BOX®, Purple Fusion™, Red Alert™, Red Head™, Scarlet Flame™, Slim™, Straight and Narrow™ and Yareena™

Native Shrubs and Groundcovers 3D Graphics Preview Image

PNG & Chief Architect | 66.6MB

PNG Top Views | 54.3MB

TIFF & ArchiCAD | 65MB

Photoshop | 249MB

SketchUp | 75MB

JPEG with Alpha Chanel |77.2MB

Vectorworks | 125MB

Vectorworks Top Views | 48.5MB

TGA | 181MB

Download Ozbreed Velvet Kangaroo Paw 3D Graphics

Includes the following plants:
Amber Velvet, Gold Velvet, Regal Velvet and Ruby Velvet™

Velvet Kangaroo Paws 3D Graphics Preview Image

PNG & Chief Architect | 8.22MB

PNG Top Views | 7.55MB

TIFF & ArchiCAD | 10.7MB

Photoshop | 17.6MB

SketchUp | 9.37MB

JPEG with Alpha Chanel | 10MB

Vectorworks | 11.2MB

Vectorworks Top Views | 6.58MB

TGA | 11.4MB

Download Hardy Exotic Plant 3D Graphics

Includes the following plants:
Amethyst™, Blush™, Cloudy Days, Cosmic Pink™, Cosmic White™, Dense Fence™, Double Gold™, Flat Mat™, Flirt™, Isabella®, Just Right®, O So Fine™, Obsession™, Purple Pixie™, Queen Mum™, Quick Fence™, Sea Urchin™ and Silverlawn™

Hardy Exotics 3D Graphics Preview Image

PNG & Chief Architect | 33.2MB

PNG Top Views | 33MB

TIFF & ArchiCAD | 35.3MB

Photoshop | 119MB

SketchUp | 38.4MB

JPEG with Alpha Chanel | 39.8MB

Vectorworks | 65.4MB

Vectorworks Top Views | 28.3MB

TGA | 79.7MB

Download Advanced Tree 3D Graphics

Includes the following plants:
Luscious®, Pinnacle™, Sublime™, Sweeper®, Vintage Red™ and Lemon Squash™

Advanced Trees 3D Graphics Preview Image

PNG & Chief Architect | 20.2MB

PNG Top Views | 16.7MB

TIFF & ArchiCAD | 23.2MB

Photoshop | 72.7MB

SketchUp | 22.2MB

JPEG with Alpha Chanel | 21.9MB

Vectorworks | 25.7MB

Vectorworks Top Views | 12.9MB

TGA | 38.9MB

Download Encore Azalea 3D Graphics

Includes the following plants:
Autumn Royalty™ and Autumn Twist™

Encore Azalea 3D Graphics Preview Image

PNG & Chief Architect | 4.11MB

PNG Top Views | 4.31MB

TIFF & ArchiCAD | 6.99MB

Photoshop | 11.6MB

SketchUp | 4.7MB

JPEG with Alpha Chanel | 4.88MB

Vectorworks | 7.65MB

Vectorworks Top Views | 2.53MB

TGA | 7.87MB

Download Emporium Range of Plants 3D Graphics

Includes the following plants:
Aranda™, Banana Split™, Clarity Blue™, Cream Lea®, Destiny®, Emerald Arch®, Eskdale, Feather Top™, Fine Divine™, Flamin’®, Frilly Lace™, Grand Star™, King Alfred®, Kingsdale™, Little Phil™, Little Ruby™, Mini Meema™, Nafray®, Neon Pink™, Pennstripe™, Pink Pearl™, Pure Blonde™, Purple Lea®, Savanna Blue™, Shooting Star™, Sungold™, Sweet Mist®, Tropic Cascade™/Southern Cascade™, Twisty™, Twizzler™, Utopia®, Variegated Tanika™, Wingarra® and Yalba™.

Emporium Range 3D Graphics Preview Image

PNG & Chief Architect | 57.9MB

PNG Top Views | 48.9MB

TIFF & ArchiCAD | 55.3MB

Photoshop | 199MB

SketchUp | 68.2MB

JPEG with Alpha Chanel | 73.8MB

Vectorworks | 109MB

Vectorworks Top Views | 41.4MB

TGA | 123MB

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