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Nara fertilised in winter 2012

Nara fertilised in winter (left) Nara not fertilised in winter (right)

Winter fertiliser trial plots.

Nara fertilised in winter (bottom) and non native Zoysia fertilised in winter (top)

Winter Fertiliser Trials: Preliminary Update

According to preliminary results below from the 2012 Winter Fertiliser trials at Ozbreed, winter may be the most important time of year to fertilise for a green winter lawn. Autumn fertilising has always been recommended for a greener lawn in winter, and so far combined with winter fertilising, it is showing much better results for a greener lawn in winter.

Nara Native Turf responded the best to an application of winter fertiliser with a 2.25 rating rise compared to only an autumn application. It was also one of the best rated varieties with a winter fertiliser application, including Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo and Kenda Kikuyu.

The full report will be finished and posted here in spring.

Winter Fertilising Ratings: 31.07.12

Note: all plots below were fertilised in autumn with slow release fertiliser. The ones also fertilised in winter were at a heavy rate with the slow release fertiliser Elevate NPK:24-1-10 (500ml per half plot, 1000ml per full plot)

Variety name Average rating /10
Autumn fertiliser only
Winter and autumn fertiliser
Sapphire 6.5 8
Kenda 6.75 7.5
Nara 4.75 7
Palmetto 5.75 6.5
Sir Walter 3.25 6
Kings Pride 3 6
Village Green 3.25 5.5
Noonan 4.25 5.5
Matilda 1.75 5
Empire 5 4.5
Grand Prix 2.25 2
Legend 1.5 2
Stadium 1.5 1.5
Rileys Evergeen 1.5 1.5
Rileys Super-sports 1.5 1.5

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