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Lomandra and Dianella In Rock Gardens

Plants grown in rock gardens have to withstand extreme heat. These plants do best in Australia and the USA in rock landscapes. Watch this video…

TANIKA® has proven itself around the world to be a drought tolerant and low maintenance Lomandra that looks great.

CASSA BLUE® is a compact rich blue foliage Dianella with a far superior display compared to most Dianellas. This flax lilly is great as a colour contrasting plant, for mass planting, as an accent plant, foliage or grassy gardens. Low water requirement.

LITTLE JESS™ is a Dianella with glossy green foliage to approximately 40cm, with elevated bluish-purple flowers in Spring, followed by attractive purple berries. This is a compact flax lilly that responds well to pruning once every few years if needed.

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