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Lomandra and Dianella Roadside Plants

TANIKA® is a very drought tough Lomandra longifolia. This attractive deep green selection provides a graceful versatile plant. It has an attractive yellow flower head early in spring. Ideal for roadsides, for specimen and mass planting.

LITTLE JESS™ is a compact, clumping ornamental Dianella similar in habit to a dwarf, non-invasive bamboo. Ideal for roadsides, mass planting, Japanese style gardens, as an accent plant, foliage or grassy gardens and in low water requirement gardens, Little Jess is very hardy, exhibiting excellent drought and frost tolerance.

To survive on the roadsides plants have to be tough, drought tolerant, and low maintenance. These Ozbreed plants Tanika (Lomandra) and Little Jess (Dianella) are some of the toughest. Watch this video…

Click here for more info on TANIKA®

Click here for more info on LITTLE JESS™

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