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Brazilian Red Hots™ Alternanthera dentata ‘BRAZILIAN RED’ 

  • Demands attention with its bright, eye catching foliage
  • Loves humidity and is heat tolerant
  • Great for garden beds, containers and patio pots

Description: Brazilian Red Hots™ Alternanthera demands attention with its hot pink foliage. This Alternanthera is an excellent feature shrub for garden beds, containers and patio pots. Its brightly coloured leaves are contrasted by ball
shaped white flowers in spring.

Size: Approximately 50-60cm x 50-60cm.

Uses: Specimen planting in garden beds, containers, patio pots.

Position: Full sun to part shade. Brazilian Red Hots™ Alternanthera loves humidity and is heat tolerant.

It’s a frost tender shrub, so it will need to be planted in a sheltered position to protect it from light frost. In frost-free areas Brazilian Red Hots™ Alternanthera can be planted in full sun to part shade. It requires well drained moist soils.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). If required use slow release fertiliser in spring. Yearly pruning will promote vibrant new growth.

Provide the Brazilian Red Hots™ plant with adequate water as required. Keep moist in dry weather and protect from light frost.

Where it works: Frost free areas including QLD, Coastal NSW, Coastal WA, Coastal VIC, Coastal SA, and NT.

Top Brazilian Red Hots™ Wholesale Growers

Grower Location Phone Email
Brindleys Nursery SANDY BEACH 02 6654 9255 email
Grower Location Phone Email
Blackall Range Nurseries DULONG 07 5441 2538 Email
Grower Location Phone Email
Benara Nurseries CARABOODA 08 9405 0000 email
Domus Nursery HACKETTS GULLY 08 9293 1768 email
Grower Location Phone Email
Darwin Plant Wholesalers LAMBELLS LAGOON VIA HUMPDY DOO 08 8988 1888

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