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ESKDALE Poa labillardieri 'Eskdale'

ESKDALE Poa labillardieri 'Eskdale'

ESKDALE Poa labillardieri 'Eskdale'

Eskdale is a perennial grass with blue-grey foliage

Poa labillardieri ‘Eskdale’ 

Less Browning of Leaves

A long lived, tussock forming, perennial grass with highly ornamental blue/grey foliage. An Australian native, Poa ‘Eskdale’ will reach full size within 1 year.

Plants need little or no maintenance, thrive in most soils and are drought and frost tolerant.

Ideal for gardens, borders, rockeries and erosion control on slopes.

Grows well in sunny to shaded positions.

Water well for the first 2-3 months until established. Trim older foliage to 15cm once or twice per year when required. Apply a slow release fertilizer in Spring and Autumn.

‘Eskdale’ is the largest Poa, which makes it great at outcompeting weeds. It is one of the most reliable and beautiful plants used on roadsides.

‘Eskdale’ looks much better in both Summer and Winter than the common form, producing tussocks with much less straw per plant. While other Poa labillardieri look untidy, ‘Eskdale’ looks better for longer.

This plant grows in most soil types and will survive in hotter more humid areas than the common form.

‘Eskdale’ was developed through our breeding program. It was a Poa that shined above others and was selected after a couple of generations of breeding, from a hot dry area.

The one plant that resulted from vigorous testing, showing higher drought tolerance, less browning of leaves, a more blue leave and the ability to look good through the tough Australian summers, followed by freezing cold winters.

‘Eskdale’ has shown itself not only to be drought tolerant but also does well in cold climates such as Canberra, thriving in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Please check advice from your local grower before using in tropical areas such as Queensland.

Whether it is used as an under story, garden plant or a ground cover, ‘Eskdale’ performs well. ‘Eskdale’ is easily the best, low cost, fast establishing roadside or mass planting plant available. Specialized conditions are required for areas similar in climate to Brisbane (i.e: shade in Brisbane).


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