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PURPLE LEA® has Showy Purple Flowers

PURPLE LEA® has Showy Purple Flowers

PURPLE LEA® has Showy Purple Flowers

PURPLE LEA® Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘PA400’ 

Add Colour to Your Landscape

An environmentally friendly Australian native. Excellent for attracting native birds.

A showy clumping perennial grass with arching leaves and spectacular feathery flower plumes from Summer to Autumn.

The feature of this variety is its elegant purple flower heads.

Mass planting, accent plant for rockeries and borders. Low maintenance gardens. Plumes suitable for dried arrangements.

Tolerates a wide variety of soils and climatic conditions, including poorly drained soils. Frost and drought tolerant.

Mulch well. Trim to 1/3 the size preferably in April/March or when required. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer in late Winter.

If you require colour and don’t mind a larger plant, then Purple Lea® Pennisetum is the ideal plant for you.

Remove spent flower heads as required, dispose of correctly if in a warmer climate or wet area.


This website gives general information for the states/regions in Australia. For local information on which plants work in your area contact your local grower. Local grower knowledge is vital, this website is no substitute.

Heights shown on the website are for general gardening conditions. In well maintained gardens, some plants will get taller.

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