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TWIZZLER™ Lepironia articulata

TWIZZLER™ Lepironia articulata

TWIZZLER™ is a Lepironia with twisted reed like foliage

TWIZZLER Lepironia articulata

Twizzler Lepironia has twisted, glaucous, reed like foliage. It creates an architectural element for water features, ponds, constructed wetlands, bog gardens and ornamental pots. This plant can be used in both wet and dry landscapes.

Twizzler™ Lepironia flowers from summer through to winter with small conical shaped seed head emerging from the upper reed stems.

1-1.3 m high x 40-60 cm wide

Full sun to 70% part shade. It is suited to coastal conditions, although protection
from fully exposed seaside aspects will benefit its appearance. In dry land gardens, Twizzler™ Lepironia will need occassional summer watering to work. It will not reach its full height in dry plantings.

Can be planted in 200 mm deep water.

Twizzler™ Lepironia will grow in inland climates, but it needs to be protected from heavy frosts colder than -3°c.

Soil Types: Loam to clay loam moist soils.

Uses: Water feature, ponds, wetlands, bog gardens, ornamental pots. Both wet and dry landscapes.

Best Planting Time
March – November

Trim every 3-5 years 200mm above ground

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