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Chamaemelum nobile Lawn alternative, bred for Australia’s tough conditions.

  • Chamaemelum nobile is great for reducing weed invasion.
  • It is commonly used as a lawn alternative in shade, courtyard settings and amongst pavers.
  • Chamomile grows best when the ground is flat.
  • Amazing in the heat. Also thrives in semi-shade, in the cold, and flood water.
  • Chamomile gives off a nice, relaxing fragrance.

Plants that are as “flat as a tac” are few and far between.

Calm o mile great as a lawn alternative

Although chamomile can be low growing, they tend to usually grow a little tall to be classed as truly ground hugging.

The new Calm-o-mile™ not only hugs the ground closely but also spreads well from rhizomes, repairing itself from wear damage and providing a true lawn alternative that does not need regular mowing.

Calm-o-mile™ Matricaria is a step above the common or other forms. It forms a dense mat, which helps outcompete weeds and prevent soil erosion. It grows very flat, with only its flowers sitting above the foliage.

Using it around pavers or stepping stones protects it from heavy wear, but its natural density allows for minor walking. It appears to be able to handle frost, heat, humidity, and Australia’s harsh conditions far better than regular chamomile. It has been bred to cope with Australia’s hot climate as well.

Calm-o-mile Matricaria chamomilla

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Australian lawn bred for tough conditions.

Height & Width: 15cm H x up to 1m W

Planting Density: 2-3 plants per m2 – 2-3 plants per linear metre

Uses: Lawn alternative for shady and paved areas

Position: Best in the heat, can also thrive in cold and shade

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks till established. Prune back after flowering

Where it Works: NSW, WA, SA, ACT, TAS

Best Planting Time: All year

Soil Type: Most soil types

Flowering: White petals and yellow centres – Appears similar to daisies


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