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Super Pink™

Salvia ‘SAL01’ PBR

Rich, vivacious super pink blooms flourish on this compact Salvia, promising a breathtaking visual display.

  • Vivid pink blooms create striking visual impact
  • Ideal for confined gardens, maintains neat appearance
  • Abundant foliage forms dense, appealing structure
  • Tough like most Salvias, less low maintenance than Intense™ Salvia

Super Pink™ offers a spectacle of super pink flowers on compact, dense foliage.

This tidy Salvia thrives in restricted spaces, bringing a lush, vibrant presence to any garden setting.

Create a stunning sea of color with the Super Pink™, specifically bred for visual appeal and low maintenance care.

Adapted for a variety of environments, it’s versatile enough to brighten up confined garden spaces or serve as a bold border.

With a careful balance of full sun and partial shade, regular hydration, and simple annual pruning, this Salvia variety will thrive and flaunt its vivid pink hues for a delightful horticultural display.

Transform your landscape today with the resplendent beauty of this landscape flower.

Size: Moderate size reaching up to 50cm in height and width, making it a perfect fit for small and large spaces alike

Density: 4-6 plants per square metre, perfect for creating a full, lush garden bed

Uses: Ideal as a standout specimen plant, for dramatic mass planting, or as charming garden borders

Position: Prefers full sun to part shade, providing versatile placement within your garden

Care: Requires regular watering during the warm seasons and yearly pruning to keep its charming shape and encourage a steady wave of new, vivid flowers

Where it works: Suitable for NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, SA, and WA climates

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Super Pink™ Resources

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Super Pink™ Photo

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