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FEATHER TOP™ Baloskion tetraphyllum

FEATHER TOP™ Baloskion tetraphyllum

Feather Top™ Baloskion tetraphyllum

  • Very compact Baloskion
  • Ideal for rain gardens or shaded landscapes
  • Beauty of the common form, with smaller height

Description: Feather Top™ Baloskion is a real feature in any modern landscape, it’s much more compact than the common form. It performs well in moist, wet boggy sites, water courses or shallow areas of ponds. Can work in relatively dry areas if irrigated, also if shaded. This plant wont seed, self sow or become weedy because it is dioecious. Gets very few pests and diseases.

Size: 50-75cm high x 45cm wide.

Planting Density: 2-4 plants per m², 2-3 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Moist, wet or boggy and shady sites, pots and as a feature.

Position: Full sun and moderate to heavy shade (will need shade if a dry area and water if in full sun). Tolerates humidity and moderate frost. Feather Top™ Baloskion suits heavy clay to sandy soil types. It handles occasional inundation, but cannot sit in more than a few cm of water permanently (it handles a little bit more inundation than Juncus).

Care: Prefers to be moist; can tolerate dry if irrigated. Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). Use slow release fertiliser in spring if required. Cut back halfway every 3-5 years (will look better with pruning every 3 years, this depends on your requirements).

Where it works: QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA

Top Feather Top Wholesale Growers

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Gondwana Nursery
(Trade Only)
BARKERS VALE 02 6689 7544
Grower Location Phone Email
Native Plant Wholesalers COMPTON 08 8726 6210

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Feather Top™ Baloskion is also a part of the Foliage First Range.

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