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SILVERLAWN™ Liriope dimensions

SILVERLAWN™ Liriope muscari 'LIRSS' PBR

SILVERLAWN™ Liriope muscari 'LIRSS' PBR

Silverlawn™ Liriope muscari ‘LIRSS’ PBR

  • Clean variegated foliage
  • Looks almost silver from a distance
  • Excellent low growing contrast plant

Description: Silverlawn™ Liriope has delicate cream and green variegated foliage that looks almost silver from a distance. This Liriope would make a great garden feature when planted in a group, contrasting against other plants.

Note: previously known as Silverstar™.

Size: Approximately 35cm high x 40cm wide.

Planting Density: 6-10 plants per m², 3-5 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Colour contrast, accent plant, group plantings.

Position: Full sun to heavy shade. Tolerates frost and drought. Suited to a wide variety of soil types.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). Use slow release fertiliser in spring if required. Like most Liriopes, the Silverlawn™ plant benefits from being cut back once a year in winter to make way for fresh new growth.

Where it works: NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, TAS & NT.

Top Silverlawn Wholesale Growers

Some of the top wholesale growers listed below do also sell retail, those marked as Trade Only will not, all others will sell direct to the general public.

Grower Location Phone Email
Yarralumla Nursery
(Trade Only)
YARRALUMLA 02 6207 8230
Grower Location Phone Email
Flower Power Group (Arborglen Pty Ltd) GLENORIE 02 9652 2327
Burbank Nurseries Pty Ltd KANGY ANGY 02 4353 1137
Grower Location Phone Email
Heynes Wholesale Nursery BURTON 08 8280 8088
Grower Location Phone Email
Meyer Nurseries
(Trade Only)
BLIND BIGHT 03 5998 3762
Prestige Plants Australia
(Trade Only)
KINGLAKE 03 5786 2036
Grower Location Phone Email
Benara Nurseries
(Trade Only)
CARABOODA 08 9561 9000

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This website gives general information for the states/regions in Australia. For local information on which plants work in your area contact your local grower. Local grower knowledge is vital, this website is no substitute.

Heights shown on the website are for general gardening conditions. In well maintained gardens, some plants will get taller.

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