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In order to begin assessing your new landscape gardening plant variety, Ozbreed requires some basic information so we are able to choose the best course of action and maximize your plant’s potential.

Please complete as much of the requested information as possible. If we need more information we will ask. Also, be sure to include a photograph or photographs that best represent the new plant.

Please submit this form provided below and a representative for Ozbreed will contact you to discuss in more detail your new plant variety. Alternatively, you can email Ozbreed. Email:

Submission of this form in no way obligates the breeder (listed below) to Ozbreed. Likewise, this form in no way obligates Ozbreed to act as the breeder representative of the new variety detailed in the form below.

This information is to remain confidential between the breeder and Ozbreed.

New Plant Cultivar Information Form

Fields marked with a * are required.

About the Breeder

About the New Cultivar

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