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Recent research conducted both in Australia and the US on green roofs has found that Australian native Lomandra varieties out perform all others, including many popular exotics, proving just how tough our well bred natives are.

Green roofs need more than just succulents if they are going to fulfill all the goals and benefits wanted from a podium environment.

‘Green roof’ is made up of two words. For green life the rooftop indicates a harsh, hard-to-access place for maintenance, and in Australia, a windy, exposed and hot environment. The definition of a garden (green) is a planned space, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. Modern green roofs have moved on from rooftop gardens, but they still hold some of the main principles. They must be beautiful, green, vegetative, healthy and low maintenance. To achieve most of the benefits of a green roof, or a rooftop garden, the plants need to be healthy and look good.

Research conducted by the University of Western Sydney and a USA Texas study, have shown many of our native plants do as well, if not better, than introduced succulents. They also show that organics are a viable low maintenance option for green roofs.

These findings allow designers to create a far more functional and visually appealing green roof.

The following list details the Top 5 performing plants across both the Australian and US based trial:

1. Shara™ Lomandra fluviatilis ‘ABU7’PBR

2. Mundi™ Westringia fruticosa ‘WES05’ PBR

3. Yareena™ Myoporum parvifolium ‘PARV01’PBR

4. Tanika® Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ PBR

5. Double Gold™ Gazania hybrid ‘GT20’ PBR (replacement for Tiny Tom)

sharasmall mundismall yareenasmall tanikasmall doublegoldsmall

This research also found that organic mixes promote better health. In the past advocates of mineral substrates used the argument that you cannot use organics because they slump and the water runoff would be unclean. This research proves both these assumptions to be incorrect.

For more information, including a recommended plants list for each Australian state and detailed downloadable paper on this study, click here


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