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Plant Ranges

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Strappy Leaf PlantsStrappy Leaf Plants

Tough, low maintenance Dianella and Lomandras that thrive in commercial and residential landscapes.

Native Shrubs GroundcoversNative Shrubs & Ground Covers

Native that perform better in the landscape and look great including GrevilleaWestringia, Callistemon and more.

Hardy Exotic PlantsHardy Exotic Plants

Non-invasive exotic plants with better performance and lower maintenance, range includes Agapanthus, Gardenias, Nandina’s, and Rhapiolepis.

Encore AzaleasEncore Azaleas

The Encore Azaleas are more heat tolerant and boast beautiful, abundant and repeat flowering in spring, summer and autumn.

Native Grasses

Browse through the Ozbreed selectionsof ornamental native grass have been selected for performance and appearance and are well suited to mass plantings.

Advanced TreesAdvanced Trees

More uniform native trees with improved performance and beauty, range includes Waterhousea, Eucalyptus, and Lilly Pilly.

Kangaroo Paws

Kangaroo Paws are truly one of Australia’s most iconic plants; the flower features as the floral emblem of West Australia.

Natural Health

The Ozbreed Range of natural health plants and herbs offer supreme robust flavours that will make any dish shine.

Where to Buy

Ozbreed licenses trusted growing partners to grow our plants and make them available around the country. If a plant isn’t available at your local wholesale or retail nursery, you can request it to be ordered in for you.

Where to buy Wholesale Ozbreed Plants

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Where to buy Online Ozbreed Plants

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