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Strappy Leaf PlantsStrappy Leaf Plants

Tough, low maintenance Dianella and Lomandra’s that thrive in commercial and residential landscapes.

Native Grasses

Browse through the Ozbreed selectionsof ornamental native grass have been selected for performance and appearance and are well suited to mass plantings.

Hardy Exotic PlantsHardy Exotic Plants

Non-invasive exotic plants with better performance and lower maintenance, range includes Agapanthus, Gardenias, Nandina’s, and Rhapiolepis.

Natural Health

The Ozbreed Range of natural health plants and herbs offer supreme robust flavours that will make any dish shine.

Native Shrubs GroundcoversNative Shrubs and Ground Covers

Better performing, low maintenance, range includes GrevilleaWestringia, Correa and Callistemon

Advanced TreesAdvanced Trees

More uniform native trees with improved performance and beauty, range includes Waterhousea, Eucalyptus, and Lilly Pilly.

Ozbreed Easy Access (OEA)

New Ozbreed Easy Access (OEA) give your nursery the opportunity to buy, pot on and sell all of Ozbreed’s plants.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of selling plants backed by a strong brand that supports your business.

Long strappy leaves and grows up to 50 or 60cm high

Plant Breeding and Testing – From Concept to Landscapes

Did you know that the average Ozbreed plant undergoes 5-10 years of rigorous testing before it is released to the market?

Read on to find out why Ozbreed plants have been a staple for landscape professionals for over 20 years and are renowned for their no fuss, functional and reliable landscape plants.

Australian Native Plants List

Australian Native Plants List

The Ultimate list of Ozbreed Australian native plants, the obvious choice for Australian gardens.

Plant Research

In-depth research about our plant and turf varieties and how to use them in different situations.

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