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Welcome to Ozbreed Plants

The home of no fuss, functional, drought tolerant plants and turf.

Ozbreed is a well known environmental turf and landscape gardening plant breeding company.

Specialising in improved varieties that are tougher, more uniform and often need less maintenance and water, we strive to provide better plants for landscape professionals and home owners alike.

We have a wide range of plants and turf to suit different situations that are available around Australia, as well as informative research, articles and specialised information on this website to help make the best out of your landscape or garden.

To find out more about Ozbreed and our environmental commitments, click here.

Strappy Leaf Plants

Tough, low maintenance Dianella and Lomandra’s that thrive in commercial and residential landscapes.

Native Grasses

Improved native grasses chosen for perfomance and appearance.

Foliage First Range

A beautiful range of foliage and flower colours for landscaped gardens needing contrast, range includes Liriope, Dianella, Phormium, Lomandra and Lepironia

Native Shrubs and Ground Covers

Better perfomance and looks, often with less maintenance.

Velvet Kangaroo Paws

Tough mid-sized Kangaroo Paws that are much less likely to get black spot.

Hardy Exotic Range

Non-invasive exotic plants with better performance and lower maintenance, range includes Agapanthus, Gardenias, Nandina’s, Philodendrons.

Advanced Trees

More uniform native trees with improved performance and beauty, range includes Waterhousea, Eucalyptus, and Lilly Pilly.

Encore Azaleas

Heat and drought tolerant Azaleas with repeat flowering in spring, summer and autumn.

Turf Varieties

A range of turf varieties to suit different commercial and residential situations.

Plant and Turf Research

In-depth research about our plant and turf varieties and how to use them in different situations.

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