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Testing Plants In Grey Water

Grey Water Research Grey water irrigation testing with popular native plants. By Todd Layt Summary…

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Mowing Research

Update – 3rd Year Evaluations Trial results on not mowing for almost 6 months. What…

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Barricade (Prodiamine) and Carbon Trader – for the Professional Nurseryman

Barricade (Prodiamine) and Carbon Trader – for the Professional Nurseryman Recent research by Todd Layt…

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Raingarden Plant Selection

Raingarden Plant Selection (Updated) Rain gardens help to remove excessive nutrients from water runoff before…

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Erosion Control Research

What are the best erosion control plants and turf types? Quantifying the strengthening of soil…

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Testing of Plants for Salt Tolerance

The table below shows which plants can tolerate having 18 applications of 60% and 90%…

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Shade Tolerance Trials

The first two columns of this table are based on actual test results (any plants…

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Green Roof Trials

Green roofs need more than just succulents if they are going to fulfill all the…

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Turf is a Positive Sequester of Carbon

Turf Takes In More Than 4 Times The Carbon Emission Of A Lawnmower! Its official!…

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Recommended Green Wall Plants

Ozbreed have extensively trialed a selection of our plants in green walls here and at…

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Biodegradable Staples Holding Capacity for Nara™ Native Turf Compared to Couch

Introduction Turf in recent research has proven to be one of the best erosion control…

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Evaluating Many Lomandra Types For Wet Feet Tolerance & Reliability

By Todd Layt Lomandra are known for their drought tolerance, general toughness, and low maintenance.…

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