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Mundi™ Westringia And Tanika® Lomandra Growing On A Steep Slope

Planting on a Slope

Don’t let a hilly area in your yard be left to waste. Due to difficulties…

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Sweet Burst™ Callistemon Spp 'CNU15’ PBR Intended

What’s New 2021

Exciting New Plant Releases From Ozbreed

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How To Remove Weeds From Your Garden

How to Reduce Garden Weeds

There are few things in gardening worse than having your masterpiece being taken over by…

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Ozbreed Aussie Box® Westringia

How to Mulch Your Garden

Many people think there is not much to know about mulching, but there are many…

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How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

Australia is full of gorgeous wildlife. Familiar magpie songs, the buzz of native bees and…

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Small Backyard Landscape Design Elizabeth Weyer

Landscape Professional Spotlight – Elizabeth Weyer

Elizabeth Weyer’s latest project blew up over social media. Featured by Better Homes & Gardens,…

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Best Plants For Erosion Control

In research conducted by Todd Layt and Ian Paananen, Ozbreed set out to discover the…

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Shara Lomandra 2021 Flood Richmond Indicating Peak Water Level

Shara™ Lomandra Survives Two Floods

Shara™ Lomandra continues to prove its incredible wet feet tolerance. Our in-ground production area at…

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Blue Horizon Eremophila Close Up Of Rough Leaves For Capturing Pollution

Fight Roadside Pollution with Plants

Improving air quality in our traffic dense cities is an important issue with many companies…

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Green Wall Trial Testing A Variety Of Ozbreed Plants

Plant Breeding and Testing – From Concept to Landscapes

Did you know that the average Ozbreed plant undergoes 5-10 years of rigorous testing before…

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Testing Plants For Myrtle Rust Resistance

Testing Plants for Myrtle Rust Resistance

Testing Plants for Myrtle Rust Resistance Below is a table of results from tests completed…

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Mulch In Playgrounds Trial Studies

Playground Mulch Trial

There is demand and interest in growing non-woody plants in playground mulch in and around…

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