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Ozbreed Easy Access Registration

New Ozbreed Easy Access (OEA) gives your nursery the opportunity to buy, pot on and sell all of Ozbreed’s plants

Ozbreed has over 20 years experience breeding no fuss, functional and reliable landscape plants. Our products are trusted by landscape professionals because our plants are rigorously tested Australia-wide for 5-10 years before they are commercially released. Ozbreed’s reputation results in high demand for our products and quick sales for your nursery.

Adding to this, Ozbreed invests heavily in marketing ensuring our brand is the go-to for landscapers and consumers alike. Our relationships with a national network of Landscape Professionals encourages our products to be specified, increasing demand and driving consumer trends. As an OEA Nursery you can achieve cost efficiencies by buying plugs and above from Propagators as well as tubes and above from our Licenced Growers.

This is an unique opportunity to grow, pot on and resell Ozbreed products as we aim to improve supply for the ever-increasing demand for our products. The royalties on our products are included within your purchase price which are reinvested into marketing so that we can continue to support nurseries like yours. We also do not charge any royalties on our labels to keep it affordable.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of selling plants backed by a strong brand that supports your business.

Here are some of the main features of becoming a OEA Nursery:

  • No propagation permitted. Permitted to grow, pot on and sell only.
  • The Nursery must be approved by Ozbreed prior to any purchasing and selling of plants.
  • Access to all Ozbreed ranges.
  • Royalty collected by Propagator or Grower Licensee on purchase of plant (not on picture label).
  • One of the following labelling options must be used:
    • Pot sticker labels (provided by the Propagator/Grower – please request at time of purchase), or
    • Picture labels (from Norwood Industries, cost does not include royalty).
  • The products must be represented accurately: e.g. correct writing of plant names, quality control.

Ozbreed Easy Access Registration

To become an OEA Nursery you must meet the following criteria and pay a one off $300 + GST application fee (plus merchant fees if paying via credit card) to access Ozbreed plants. Please check and tick the boxes if you meet the criteria:

I have an ABN that relates to a Nursery (excluding Retail Nurseries) *
I have a minimum growing area of 1250m2*
I am a director of the Business listed below, or I am authorised by the Business to apply for access to OEA and understand any notices (changes to terms and conditions) will be sent to the email address nominated below under “My Details”*

My Details

Business Details

Relationship Manager (if different from owner listed in my details):
Business legal name*:
Business Type*:
Business Trading name*:
ACN (if applicable):

General Enquiries email (will be added to our website):


Postal Address

Supply Details

Please tick/select the regions you supply to:



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