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Innovative water wise landscape plants Ozbreed Aussie Box® and Grey Box™ were acknowledged as perfect native alternatives to exotic box plants and awarded the prestigious title of Best New Product in Show at the Landscape Australia Expo in Perth in May.

Selected by Ozbreed in Sydney, these versatile Westringia varieties are very drought tolerant and fit into the ‘No Irrigation Gardening’ category, meaning they are very water wise plants. This provides landscapers and garden enthusiasts with stunning uniform looking hedges and borders, without the water guzzling qualities that many other exotic plants demand.

Ozbreed Aussie Box® is a beautiful native box hedge plant that has a very dense growth habit that can readily be pruned. Left unpruned both plants will form compact ball shapes, making them ideal for mass planting. Aussie Box is still quite compact and tidy. It produces beautiful mauve colored flowers throughout spring and summer and grows to approximately 20cm high x 60cm wide.

Grey Box is a perfect native alternative for English Box. Also a very compact hedge, slightly smaller than Aussie Box at approximately 30 cm high x 30cm wide, Grey Box provides great colour contrast with grey foliage and white flowers from September – May. Both plants look striking when planted together, creating lovely height contrast.

Suitable for all soil types, these native box hedges tolerate full sun to light shade and are very fast establishers. Not only stunning features in any garden, these plants are extremely drought tolerant and hardy, and a perfect native choice for any landscape.

You can find out more information on Aussie Box here
More information on Grey Box can be found here:

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