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Nara Native Turf – Only native grass for home lawns sold as instant turf

Nara Native Turf is the only Australian native grass for home lawns sold as instant turf. It’s a great all purpose turf that can handle many conditions and is the perfect compliment for any native garden or landscape.

Viro-Tube Plant Species List

Following is a list of some of the native grasses and grass-like landscape gardening plants grown. However, not all varieties are available from each grower.

Often in Stock

  • Bothriochloa macra Red Leg grass
  • Chloris truncata Windmill grass
  • Danthonia caespitosa Wallaby grass
  • Danthonia linkii Wallaby grass
  • Danthonia richardsonii Wallaby grass
  • Dianella caerulea Blue Flax Lilly
  • Dianella revoluta Mauve Flax Lilly
  • Dianella tasmanica
  • Imperata cylindrica Blady grass
  • Lomandra longifolia Spiny Mat Rush
  • Microlaena stipoides Weeping grass
  • Paspalum distichum Water couch
  • Stipa verticillata Slender Bamboo grass
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides Swamp foxtail
  • Poa labillardieri Large Tussock grass
  • Poa siebriana Snow grass
  • Themeda australis Kangaroo grass

Small Quantities Often in Stock

  • Capillipedum spicigerum Scented Top grass
  • Chloris ventricosa
  • Cymbopogon refractus Barbed wire grass
  • Danthonia setacea Wallaby grass
  • Dicanthium sercieum Queensland Blue grass
  • Dichelachne crinita Long haired plume grass
  • Paspalum vaginatum Salt water couch
  • Poa poiformis Coastal Tussock grass
  • Sorghum leiocladum
  • Sporobolous virginicus Sand couch
  • Stipa scabra

NOTE: We don’t recommend smaller native grasses such as Danthonia for landscape gardening projects. The bred or selected forms make better choices, as there is consistency. Many native grasses are highly variable. Often these plants need to be ordered specially


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