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All Seasons Red™ Mandevilla

All Seasons Red™

Mandevilla spp ‘MANDI301’ Intended

A more cold tolerant Mandevilla with deep red flowers.

  • Tougher and more cold tolerant than other Mandevillas
  • Hot pink blooms for more of the season
  • Excellent splash of colour in pots
  • Decorative screen across fence lines and archways
  • Adds instant tropical appeal to the garden

The All Seasons Red™ Mandevilla has a few advantages compared to other Mandevillas.

Red Mandevilla

First, its masses of large flowers are more vivid, with a brighter, deeper red than most other types. Second, it can handle cold considerably better than nearly all previously tested varieties.

Third, its dense and climbing or trailing habit is closer to ideal ratios compared to many other types.

And fourth, testing showed it exhibited an improved general toughness and less dieback in heat, outperforming other types including cleaner glossy foliage.

Along with these improvements, the All Seasons Red™ Mandevilla possesses the other general benefits of Mandevillas, such as their long flowering period, their ability as a supported climber or container plant, and their lush appearance.

Mandevillas, in general, need climbing support with a permanent trellis or fence, but because All Seasons Red™ Mandevilla is more compact than the common form, it works in containers with climbing support.

All Seasons Red™ Mandevilla

Mandevillas generally require good draining soils, such as a well drained loam with organic material, and doesn’t do well in heavy prolonged water logged soils. They need adequate irrigation in dry periods or more regular irrigation in very free draining soils.

Most types are quite frost tender, however All Seasons Red™ Mandevilla is more cold tolerant than most other Mandevillas, and able to handle mild frost, they will not tolerate heavy frost and in moderate frost will need some protection from fences or buildings. See video for full information.

Mandevillas prefer annual pruning to keep it relatively tidy and to promote flowers, which are generated on new growth.

Prune vines by about half in winter, creating each cut just above a pair of leaves. Long vines can also be pruned during the warmer months, but don’t overdo it, as this could result in less flowers.

Fertilise moderately and yearly. The young shoots of Mandevilla may occasionally attract aphids. If you see aphids on your plant, give it a quick spray with Pyrethrum.

Repeat in the next couple of weeks, and this should solve the problem. If you spot scale on your Mandevilla during summer, use a white oil or a pest oil to treat it.

Red Mandevilla deep red flowers

A more cold tolerant Mandevilla with deep red flowers.

Height & Width: Up to 1.5m supported H x 1.2m W

Flowering: Deep red flowers from spring to autumn

Planting Density: 1 plant per m² – 1 per linear metre

Uses: Decorative screening plant for residential fence lines, arches and pots

Position: Full sun to part shade.

Care: Water well for 8–13 weeks until established. Fertilise regularly for more flowers. Protect from heavy frost and remove any damaged stems to encourage new growth.

Where it Works: QLD, NSW, WA, SA, testing required for other states

Best Planting Time: Late August to October

Soil Type: Well drained soils

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