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Everlasting Mega Gold™

Everlasting Mega Gold™Anigozanthos hybrid ‘KP03’

  • Large gold flowers on display all year round
  • Mid-sized
  • Longer lived

Description: Everlasting Mega Gold™ Anigozanthos is a mid-sized, longer lived Kangaroo Paw that gets far less black spot in comparison to short lived Kangaroo Paws.

It has large gold flowers all year round, except in colder climates where it won’t flower in the winter months. Tolerant of frost and drought.

Size: 45-55cm high x 45-55cm wide. Its flowers reach 90cm-1m high.

Planting Density: 4-5 plants per m², 2–3 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Perfect for gardens, borders, mass plantings and pots. The flowers also look great when used in cut flower arrangements.

Position: Full sun open position. Tolerates frost and drought. Works in well drained soils or raised garden beds.

It will work in heavy soils if you avoid regular wet feet.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). 

Use slow release fertiliser annually. Remove older flower stems as required and cut back untidy foliage every 1-2 years.

Where it works: NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA & QLD (in northern QLD it is shorter lived, approx. 2-3 years; south it is longer term).

Everlasting Mega Gold™ Kangaroo Paw

Everlasting Mega Gold Label

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