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FLORA MOUND™ Plectranthus cilcilatus

Flora Mound™

Plectranthus cilcilatus ‘PLEC 801′ PBR Intended

A resilient, dual-toned ground cover that thrives in warmth and dazzles with autumn blooms.

  • Forms emerald carpet, rippled horizon, burgundy underside.
  • Blooms vividly in autumn, adding colour
  • Clean blue foliage, right flowers, tidy border
  • Thrives in warm climates, prefers light to moderate shade
  • Evergreen in light frosts, greens up after moderate frosts

Flora Mound™ forms a lush emerald tapestry accentuated by rippled leaves with chocolate undersides

Culminating in a flourish of purple and white flowers come autumn, enhancing any garden with vibrant color and texture.

This landscape flower is a testament to resilience and elegance, flourishing where others falter. Its breathtaking display of autumn blooms sets the stage for a seasonal spectacle that’s hard to miss.

Plant this stunning ground cover for year-round interest and watch as your garden becomes the talk of the town.

With its capability to adapt and endure through varied weather conditions, Flora Mound™ ensures your space remains effortlessly beautiful.

For a trusted choice in sustainable gardening that promises curb appeal and minimal maintenance, choose the Flora Mound™.

Size: Foliage: 20cm to 40cm high, Flowers: 30cm to 50cm high x 1m wide

Density: Plant 50cm to 100cm apart for a dense, ground-hugging cover

Uses: Perfect for framing pathways, mass planting, specimen display in a cottage garden, or as a stylish driveway border

Position: Prefers full to moderate shade; shade necessary in regions exceeding 40 degrees

Care: Water to maintain even moisture, trimming for shape if desired; frost-resistant to a moderate degree, but best suited to non-heavy frost regions

Where it works: Ideal across diverse climates from Qld, NSW, VIC, TAS, NT, SA, to WA

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Flora Mound™ Resources

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  • Plant Label
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Flora Mound™ Photo

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