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Quick Zest™

Argyranthemum ‘ARGY 202’ PBR Intended

A hardworking beauty for fast-paced gardens that offers practicality with minimal maintenance.

  • Landscapers dream: quick, wide growth, saves money
  • Ideal for professionals or homeowners for quick results
  • Pristine, vibrant blooms enhance landscape beauty
  • Heat tough, pest resistant, responds well to pruning

A dream plant for quick landscaping, Quick Zest™ establishes swiftly and spreads widely.

Its pristine blooms offer beauty and ground coverage that outpaces weeds, with resilient adaptability to heat and pests.

This Argyranthemum combines functionality with aesthetics, delivering a full package of visual thrill and practical growth characteristics.

Its semi-compact structure and quick, wide spread are perfect for landscape professionals and home gardeners aiming for a swift transformation of their space.

With an impeccable display of white and yellow flowers, it grants your garden cleanliness and color with ease.

This robust plant promptly covers the ground after late winter, spring, or autumn planting, leaving little room for weeds and reducing garden maintenance.

Size: 75cm H x 85cm W

Density: 1 to 2 per square metre for optimal coverage.

Uses: Ideal for mass planting, specimen plantings, and seamlessly fitting into cottage, Mediterranean, and various garden styles

Position: Thrives in full sun to part shade. Displays mild frost tolerance, versatile for most climates

Care: Generous watering in the heat supports extended blooming. Low maintenance; occasional pruning and deadheading encourage renewal. In warmer regions, replace every few years, colder areas enjoy longer plant life

Where it works: Optimally designed for regions including Qld, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, & WA

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Quick Zest™ Resources

  • Fact Sheet
  • Plant Images
  • Plant Label
  • Plant Profile

Quick Zest™ Photo

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