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Summer Hammer™

Geranium ‘GER302’ PBR Intended

A vibrant and hardy geranium ground cover that brings long-lasting purple blooms to your landscape.

  • Tough, reliable, adds texture and color to landscape
  • Spreads low, forms dense groundcover, suppresses weeds
  • Produces vibrant purple flowers, attracts pollinators
  • Demonstrates resilience, thrives in heat, often deciduous

Experience the vibrant appeal of Summer Hummer™, an exceptionally tough and reliable groundcover.

Its abundant purple flowers create a carpet effect that’s both weed-suppressing and visually stunning.

Create a harmonious and low-maintenance garden oasis with this Geranium.

Its striking purple flowers are not only a feast for the eyes but also attract a flurry of pollinators, contributing to the ecological harmony of your outdoor space.

This sturdy geranium suits a wide range of soil types and establishes rapidly to form a captivating, weed-suppressing layer.

Whether you’re creating a picturesque cottage garden or seeking a resilient plant for tough landscapes, the Summer Hummer™ Geranium is your go-to choice.

Plant in spring, summer, or early autumn to enjoy a profusion of blooms when the sun shines brightest.

Size: 40cm high x 1.2m wide

Density: 1 to 3 plants per square metre for a dense, lush coverage

Uses: Ideal for mass plantings, as a charming specimen plant, or enriching cottage gardens with its lively color and texture

Position: Thrives in full sun to part shade, adaptable to a variety of garden aspects

Care: Resilient and low-maintenance, this geranium benefits from pruning and flourishes across seasons. It tolerates both summer heat and winter conditions admirably

Where it works: Suitable for QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA regions

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Summer Hammer™ Resources

  • Fact Sheet
  • Plant Images
  • Plant Label
  • Plant Profile

Summer Hammer™ Photo

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