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Eskdale Blue™

Poa spp.‘POL12

Tough and elegant landscape plant that requires no fuss.

  • A low-maintenance plant
  • Lovely arching foliage
  • Tidy, and compact form

With its deep blue foliage, great drought tolerance, and a recently tested ability to handle very wet conditions…

Eskdale Blue™ Poa is the ultimate tussock grass for ornamental landscapes.

It grows in quickly, establishing in weeks and getting its roots deep, thanks to its strong root system. Within a year, your landscape will have a mature looking plant. In times of economic uncertainty, this saves you up to 70% on up front planting costs.

Eskdale Blue™ Poa is happy being planted in small containers such as tubes or smaller pots. It will quickly outgrow other plants and look like it has been growing in your garden for years — a trait that makes this Poa truly outstanding.

If planted at 6 or more per square metre, it helps outcompete weeds, saving money on maintenance.

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Hardy landscape plant, with bluey-green foliage.

Size: 45cm H x 45cm W

Planting Density: 4-10 plants per m² – 2-4 per linear metre.

Best Planting Time: March – October

Uses: Roadside and mass plantings.

Position: Drought and frost resistant.

Soil Type: Wide range of soil types.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Cut back annually to 15cm above the ground in autumn or late winter.

Where it works: NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, & WA.

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Eskdale Blue™ Resources

Eskdale Blue™ Photo

Eskdale Blue - Ozbreed
Eskdale Blue

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