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Fire Bells™ Correa pulchella ‘COR11’ PBR Intended

  • Vibrant orange/red flowers in winter/early spring
  • Excellent for small gardens and patios
  • Compact, dense Correa pulchella ground cover

Description: Fire Bells™ Correa is a compact ground cover with intense orange/red flowers.

It needs very little pruning to stay compact, making it perfect for containers and small gardens.

The Fire Bells™ plant has low water requirements once established.

Size: 25cm high x 80cm wide (smaller with pruning).

Planting Density: 2-5 plants per m², 2-3 plants per linear metre.

Uses: For bird attracting gardens, dense ground cover for small gardens, or containers for patios.

Position: Full sun to light shade. Prefers reasonably drained soil, however it is adaptable to most soil types. Tolerates drought and frost.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended).

Prune once a year to maintain semi-compact habit or twice per year for a manicured appearance. Fertilise with a slow release native fertiliser.

Where it works: VIC, ACT, SA, WA, TAS, Southern NSW and Sydney (in good draining soils).

FIRE BELLS™ Correa pulchella 'COR11' PBR

FIRE BELLS™ Correa pulchella 'COR11' PBR

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