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Pink Fusion™

Scaevola spp. ‘PFS200’ Intended

Pretty yet tough flowering ground cover.

  • Long-life (survived 12 years of testing)
  • Outcompetes weeds
  • Flowers almost all year round
  • Tough flowering plant perfect for landscape use
  • Suitable for ground cover

This is possibly the toughest, most useful Australian landscape flower in existence.

A big claim, but Pink Fusion™ Scaevola comes with truly remarkable characteristics.

The very first plant, installed in a harsh, poor, heavy roadside soil, still looks great 11 years later with practically no maintenance. It has flowered more than 70% of the time.

Pink Fusion™ Scaevola not only handles drought well; more recent plantings also coped well in the extreme wet of the east coast.

This type is largely different from the regular Scaevola, as it was bred from a species that grows in harsher Australian climates. It is more compact and tighter, meaning it requires far less pruning.

Pink Fusion™ Scaevola is not only tough; it is also gorgeous. The compact green foliage is covered in beautiful pink fan flowers for most of the year.

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Long-lived landscape plant with majestic pink flowers.

Size: 30cm H x 1.2m W.

Planting Density: 1-2 plants per m².

Uses: Mass planting, feature plant, and ground cover.

Position: Tolerates heat and cold extremes. Sun to light shade.

Best Planting Time: March-November

Soil Type: Most soil types. Even handles poor soils.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Trim once a year to keep tidy.

Where it works: Likely Australia-wide

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Pink Fusion™ Photo

Pink Fusion Scaevola

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