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Shadow Star™ Libertia paniculata ‘LPP01’ PBR Intended

  • Beautiful wider weeping foliage
  • Larger clean white flowers
  • Excellent native for shade gardens

Description: Shadow Star™ Libertia is an improved form of a popular Australian Native. What really sets the Shadow Star™ plant apart is its wider, and darker green shiny leaf.

Accompanied with its elegant weeping foliage, and larger, clean white flowers. Shadow Star™ Libertia is an excellent native alternative for those light to moderately heavy shaded areas. It is sure to be the star of any garden.

Size: 30-40cm high x 40-50cm wide.

Planting Density: 4-6 plants per m², or 2-4 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Mass planting, cottage gardens, containers, along fences and driveways.

Position: Light to moderately heavy shade, not recommended for full sun. Suits most soils (clay, loam, sandy loam, clay loam and potting mix) prefers moist soil with moderate drainage. Once established will tolerate light frost and moderate drought.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). Ensure crown or base of plant is not below soil or mulch level.

If required use slow release fertiliser in spring. Prune early August if required.

Where it works: Nth NSW, Sydney, Central NSW, Sth NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA. Testing to be conducted in QLD.

Shadow Star™ Libertia has clean white flowers

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