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Know Your Lomandras

Although they seem the same, there are many differences between our Lomandra varieties. They come in a variety of sizes, with some more suitable to dry conditions and others having the ability to work in both wet and dry.


Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra labill. ‘LM600’ PBR is more compact than other forms. This tough, small plant is very Phytophthora resistant, making it great for wet or dry landscapes.

(Pictured in periodic wet feet)


Lomandra longifolia ‘Katrinus Deluxe’ is a clean growing, uniform, non-seeding form that looks great in both specimen and mass plantings. It is drought tolerant and has the best winter colour out of all the Lomandra longifolias available.


Tropic Cascade™ Lomandra hystrix ‘LHWP’ PBR has weeping green foliage that is more compact than the common Lomandra hystrix. It is ideal for raingardens as it can handle periods of wet feet, but is also drought tolerant. (Note: Sold under the brand name Southern Cascade™ Lomandra hystrix ‘LHWP’ PBR in the southern states.)


Nyalla® Lomandra longifolia ‘LM400’ PBR provides a tough plant for coastal landscapes and salt laden winds. It works well inland or on the coast, is low maintenance and drought and cold hardy.


Tanika® Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ PBR has been performing in tough landscapes across Australia for over a decade. An evergreen, low maintenance, non-seeding plant that is excellent for dry slopes and dry shade.


Shara™ Lomandra fluviatilis ‘ABU7’ PBR is a great evergreen alternative to Poa for hot or cold climates. Its Phytophthora, drought and frost tolerance make Shara an excellent choice for wet or dry.

(Pictured in periodic wet feet)


Katie Belles™ Lomandra hystrix ‘LHBYF’ PBR is a highly versatile plant that performs in both wet and dry conditions. It is the best performing, evergreen Australian native rain garden plant.

Still unsure which one to use? Generally follow these guide lines.

If you are in QLD use Evergreen Baby™, Shara™, Tropic Cascade™ or Katie Belles™

If you are in NSW, for wet feet, areas that receive water flow from roads/paths or poor drainage situations use Evergreen Baby™, Shara™, Tropic Cascade™ or Katie Belles™. For dry slopes or raised areas use Tanika®, Nyalla®, ‘Katrinus Deluxe’, Shara™ or Evergreen Baby™.

If in VIC, SA, WA or TAS use Tanika®, Nyalla®, ‘Katrinus Deluxe’, Shara™ or Evergreen Baby™, unless it is a rain garden or bio swale that is often wet, then use Shara™, Evergreen Baby™, Southern Cascade™ or Katie Belles™.

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