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SILVER EDGE Ophiopogon japonica 'Silver Edge' PBR

SILVER EDGE Ophiopogon japonica 'Silver Edge' PBR

‘SILVER EDGE’ is a clean foliage border Ophiopogon

Ophiopogon japonica ‘Silver Edge’

‘Silver Edge’ is a variegated mondo grass, that keeps remarkably clean foliage. A few years back another common form of variegated mondo was released, but it easily got rust, and looked terrible for much of the year. Ophiopogon ‘Silver Edge’ is much cleaner.

‘Silver Edge’ is useful for adding a colourful low maintenance border to a garden. Standard Mondo is a very popular plant, because it simply works as a border, so now you can add ‘Silver Edge’ to the list of functional border plants.

‘Silver Edge’ is a very low maintenance plant, but like normal Mondo, it benefits from trimming every 2 or so years. ‘Silver Edge’ is very heat and humidity tolerant, but also does very well in cooler climates like Melbourne. ‘Silver Edge’ will work anywhere normal Mondo does, just with a much more vibrant colour.

Variegated mondo with clean foliage. Grows to an average size of 20cm tall by 30cm wide.

Can be used for foliage contrast, excellent border plant.

Tolerates full sun or part to heavy shade. Tolerates a wide range of soils.

Trim once every 2 years or when required.

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