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Sun Zest™

Argyranthemum ‘ARGY 215’ PBR

Bursting with double yellow blooms, this Argyranthemum offers a stunning, compact display for any garden.

  • Compact growth pattern with clean foliage enhances appeal
  • Profusion of large, double yellow flowers creates striking display
  • Significantly more compact than other Argyranthemum varieties
  • Good for growers, reliable for garden establishment

Enhance your garden’s charm with Sun Zest™, a stunning cultivar celebrated for its neat, compact habit and generous flowering.

Unlike other varieties, Sun Zest™ remains significantly more compact, making it a perfect choice for gardeners looking to create an orderly and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Requiring little maintenance once settled, this hardy plant stands out with its abundance of sizable double yellow flowers that maintain cleanliness and beauty throughout its bloom.

Whether you’re dotting them along garden borders, creating a specimen showpiece, or composing a picturesque mass planting, Sun Zest™ brings a touch of sophistication that complements any cottage or Mediterranean garden design.

Size: Reaches up to 50cm in height and 55cm in width

Density: Ideal planting density is 1 to 3 plants per square metre for optimal coverage

Uses: Perfect for garden borders, specimen and mass plantings, as well as complementing cottage, Mediterranean, and other garden styles

Position: Thrives in full sun to part shade, adaptable to various garden aspects

Care: Water generously in heat, prune lightly for shape and to extend blooms. Conduct severe pruning post-bloom in stages, and consider an autumn prune to prevent woodiness. Potentially replace after a few years in warmer climates, longer lifespan in cooler regions

Where it works: Suitable for Qld, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA

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Sun Zest™ Resources

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  • Plant Label
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Sun Zest™ Photo

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