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Small backyard landscape design Elizabeth Weyer

Landscape Professional Spotlight – Elizabeth Weyer

Elizabeth Weyer’s latest project blew up over social media. Featured by Better Homes & Gardens, Domain and Houzz, this gorgeous garden is going to last with Elizabeth’s clever use of plants that don’t need a lot of love to shine! Let’s chat to her to find out the story behind this 80’s garden flip to modern green space.

What’s the story of this garden? What were the clients looking for?

This family needed to revamp their small garden to get the most out of the space. In collaboration with Zou Build, this Mansfield Brisbane home featured on popular TV programs including Open Homes Australia and Ready Set Reno.

The family had young children and need a low maintenance, practical space where their young girls could play as well as a gorgeous green view from the kitchen year-round.

Elizabeth Weyer’s clever design hides the utilities such as the clothesline from view with an inviting fireplace to encourage outside bonding, even in cooler weather. Utilising high quality false turf from Urban Turf Solutions, she cut down the garden’s maintenance but needed something green and uniform to soften the turf’s harsh edges and keep it looking natural. This is when she reached for Just Right® Liriope, one of her personal favourite plants.

Overall, the small garden is inviting to for children to play and adults to entertain, making a narrow space feel like a personal oasis.

Landscape Garden Design BeforeLandscape Garden Design After

What were some of the challenges of the space?

Not just any plant could work in this design, this space had many challenges.

Firstly, it is long and narrow, reducing the scope for large and tall plantings. It is also a high traffic area. The original lawn had suffered greatly under the children’s playing and maintenance was demanding with low access to the yard for equipment.

Adding to this, due to surrounding tall homes, the yard is either in full shade or blasted with midday sun. Elizabeth needed plants that could perform in such extremes.

Landscape Garden Design BeforeLandscape Garden Design After

Why did you select Ozbreed plants to execute this design?

Just Right® Liriope was perfect for this space. Weyer states “in such as small space, I needed something uniform in height and colour to give a clean border to the lawn and not look shaggy. I have tried other Liriopes before and found that they turn yellow in Winter when Just Right® Liriope does not.”

Another benefit to using this plant is its low maintenance and toughness to cope with the harsh conditions in this garden. “It’s a plant that can handle a soccer ball being kicked into it or the kid’s gymnastics”.

Its dark glossy leaves really brought the design together and the family love their new green space.

Just Right Liriope Height Testing

You can see more of Elizabeth’s work on her website or Instagram @elizabeth_weyer

Learn more about Ozbreed plants at

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Bianca has worked in marketing in the horticulture industry for 5 years. She is passionate about creating greener spaces and the environmental applications of plants. In 2020, she graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership) Majoring in Marketing.

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