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4 Great Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

4 Great Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

Below we have listed 4 great low-maintenance landscaping plants. These plants will make maintaining your landscape easier, with less pruning and great drought and frost tolerance.


Mundi is a tough and beautiful groundcover Westringia with good-sized white flowers in spring. Ideal for roadsides and any mass planting site or low maintenance area. When unpruned, Mundi doesn’t even reach knee height.


Naringa is the best hedging form of Westringia because it keeps its form even after years of growth. It flowers profusely in spring and regularly at other times. Great as a tidy hedging or specimen plant.


Pinnacle™ is a Native Screen Tree Syzygium or shrub for narrow areas. You can plant Pinnacle along fence lines, a wall, or use it to create a barrier itself, and being so thin it will take up less space.


Isabella is a drought and frost tolerant Liriope muscari. Given time, or planted close together, it forms a dense ground cover due to its denser more compact fine leaf foliage when compared to the standard Liriope muscari. Watch this video…

Todd Layt is a renowned plant and turf breeder, researcher, and marketer with a passion for developing high-quality landscape plants and turf that are tough, resilient, and sustainable.

Over the years, Todd has established himself as an industry leader and has built an impressive portfolio of over 60 different plant varieties, many of which are now selling in large numbers across the globe.

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