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Dianella Revoluta

Dianella Revoluta

The Dianella Revoluta (‘blue flax-lily’ or ‘blueberry lily) is widely distributed throughout the country. Revolute refers to the rolled back curl on the leaves.

Ozbreed are proud to have produced a number of the most popular revoluta cultivars:

  • Prestige™
  • Little Rev™
  • Revelation®

Revelation® is perfectly happy in dry conditions but is also one of the few dianella varieties that cope well with occasional wet feet. Revelation® grows to about 50cm by 50 cms and is good for erosion control.

Little Rev™ boasts a compact form (30-40cm high by 30 to 40cms wide) with highly attractive blue grey foliage that is perfect for accents and contrast plantings.

LITTLE REV™ Dianella revoluta 'DR5000' PBR
Dianella revoluta ‘DR5000’ 

Where to Buy Online

  • LITTLE REV™ – Dianella revoluta
  • REVELATION® – Dianella revoluta
  • PRESTIGE™ Dianella revoluta

Video Guide – Revoluta Dianellas

LITTLE REV™ | The Dianella with compact blue-grey foliage

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