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Shara lomandra 2021 flood richmond indicating peak water level

Shara™ Lomandra Survives Two Floods

Shara™ Lomandra continues to prove its incredible wet feet tolerance.

Our in-ground production area at Ozbreed is situated in a low-lying area of the farm. These Shara™ plants were planted in September 2019 during a severe drought.

Tested Australia-wide, we were confident they could handle periodic wet feet, but Shara™ has proven to be even tougher than we thought.

In February 2020, the bottom paddocks of the Ozbreed testing site flooded. The flood waters rose very quickly and were high enough to cover the bottom few rows of our in-ground Shara™ production. After 4 days the flood waters finally started to recede, and we waited to assess the condition of the plants. Amazingly they pulled through.

Shara Lomandra during flood


Then in March 2021, another flood swept through the plains. This more severe flood had Shara™ Lomandra completely submerged under metres of fast flowing water for 10 days. When the water receded to reveal the plants, even we were astonished to see them alive! In the month after the flood, despite still constantly wet soil as the flood water slowly dries up, Shara™ has recovered well.

Shara lomandra in 2021 richmond flood


If you ever need a hardy plant for drought and flood, Shara™ Lomandra has certainly proved itself in extreme conditions. Surviving through two floods, two years in a row and being submerged for several days during each event, Shara™ Lomandra has certainly been bred beyond nature.

shara lomandra 1 month after flood
Shara™ Lomandra one month after the flood

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