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New Ozbreed Plants 2023 2024


Hey, plant enthusiasts and green-thumb warriors! Get ready to spice up your landscapes and gardens because Ozbreed Green Life is unleashing a fantastic array of plants for 2023-2024 that will redefine the way you think about lawns, ground covers, and ornamental grasses.

Pink Fusion™

Scaevola spp. ‘PFS200’ Intended

Pink Fusion™ Scaevola 2
Pink Fusion™ Scaevola 2
Pink Fusion™ Scaevola 1
Pink Fusion
Pink Fusion™ Scaevola 2Pink Fusion™ Scaevola 1Pink Fusion
Unrivaled Toughness and Beauty

Meet Pink Fusion™, possibly the toughest Australian landscape flower. Thriving in harsh conditions, this resilient beauty not only endures drought but also handles extreme wet conditions.

With minimal maintenance, Pink Fusion™ showcases its vibrant blooms more than 70% of the time. Bred for toughness and compactness, it’s the ideal choice for a hassle-free, stunning landscape.

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Ozbreed Zen Grass®

Zoysia spp. ‘ZOY01’ Intended

Zen Grass is a low-maintenance, fast spreading alternative to traditional lawns
Zen Grass 2
Zen Grass
Zen Grass is a low-maintenance, fast spreading alternative to traditional lawnsZen Grass 2Zen Grass
Next-Level Undulation for Effortless Elegance

Say goodbye to the woes of traditional Japanese style lawns and welcome the revolution with Ozbreed Zen Grass®! This beauty not only flaunts a mesmerizing undulating surface but also requires just a once-a-year trim.

No more waiting for years – it grows quickly, mows better, and boasts an envy-inducing deep green color. Perfect for chill zones like courtyards and residential yards, Ozbreed Zen Grass® is your low-maintenance ticket to lawn nirvana.

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Eskdale Blue™

Poa spp. ‘POL12’ Intended

Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’
Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’
Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’ 3
Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’ 1
Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’ 2
Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’ 3Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’ 1Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp. ‘POL12’ 2
The Ultimate Tussock Grass

Eskdale Blue™ Poa – the tussock grass with a touch of blue magic! Boasting deep blue foliage, drought resilience, and rapid establishment, this grass is a cost-effective landscape miracle.

Plant it in small containers, and watch it outgrow the competition, saving you up to 70% on upfront planting costs. For a landscape that speaks volumes without a hefty price tag, Eskdale Blue™ Poa is the go-to choice.

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Poa spp. ‘POL11’ Intended

Rustic™ Poa spp. ‘POL11’ 1
Rustic™ Poa spp. ‘POL11’ 2
Rustic™ Poa spp. ‘POL11’ 3
Rustic™ Poa spp. ‘POL11’ 1Rustic™ Poa spp. ‘POL11’ 2Rustic™ Poa spp. ‘POL11’ 3
Distinctive Foliage for Unique Landscapes

Step into the spotlight with Rustic™ Poa, a showstopper among common tussock grasses. Its rustic foliage offers a captivating color contrast that evolves with the seasons.

This 40% more compact companion plant is perfect for native grass gardens, providing a distinct and enduring visual allure. Enjoy the changing hues of Rustic™ Poa as it turns brown faster than its counterparts, creating a unique and stunning landscape feature.

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Ozbreed Flat White™

Pandorea jasminoides ‘PJ01’

Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides
Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides
Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides 3
Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides 1
Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides 2
Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoidesOzbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides 3Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides 1Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea jasminoides 2
Elegant, Low-Maintenance White Climber

Indulge in the elegance of Ozbreed Flat White™ Pandorea – the dense and compact climber perfect for narrow spaces! With pristine white flowers gracing your garden in late spring/summer, this climber demands only twice-a-year pruning.

Ideal for covering fences and trellises, this Flat White™ marvel adds a touch of sophistication to tight spaces, proving that beauty knows no bounds.

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Velvet Sky™

Metrosideros collina ‘MB01’

Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina
Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina
Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina 3
Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina 2
Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina 1
Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collinaVelvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina 3Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina 2Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros collina 1
Blue Elegance, Red Accents Delight

Experience the mesmerizing inky blue stems and stunning blue velvet leaves of Velvet Sky™ Metrosideros! This compact hedging marvel produces beautiful red flowers, creating a captivating contrast.

Plant it in lightly shaded areas for vibrant stems and watch it make a statement as a hedging plant. Tolerant of most soil types, it’s your go-to choice for a dramatic, colorful landscape.

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Matricaria chamomilla ‘MAC01’ Intended

Ozbreed Calm-o-mile™ Matricaria chamomilla

Ground-Hugging Tranquility

Enter the realm of tranquility with Calm-o-mile™, a chamomile alternative that embraces the ground with a dense, flat mat. This unique ground cover not only withstands wear and tear but also outcompetes weeds.

Its strong flavor deters insects, making it both medicinal and practically pest-free. Perfect for sunny to moderately shaded areas, this ground cover brings nature to your doorstep, creating a serene ambiance.

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Where You Can Buy?

As these groundbreaking plants hit the scene, finding them might be a challenge initially. Fear not! We’ve partnered with The Plant Hub, an Australian online nursery, to grow and stock these new varieties.

Trusted by landscape professionals to handle the toughest conditions

These new plants are the result of Ozbreed’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Bred purposefully to overcome previous limitations, they bring fresh opportunities for both gardeners and landscape professionals. Ozbreed Green Life is offering free samples and exciting new catalogs.

Fill out our online form to receive copies and select ‘Sample’ if you want to experience these wonders firsthand. Prepare to witness your outdoor spaces transform into breathtaking works of living art!

What’s New 2023-2024

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What’s New 2022

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    Need More Info?

    About Ozbreed

    Ozbreed Green Life is a plant breeding, marketing, and distribution company well-known for their no fuss, functional and reliable landscape plants.

    Trusted by landscape professionals to handle the toughest conditions, they have been planted on roadsides, in large commercial projects, award-winning residential landscapes and in gardens Australia-wide as well as internationally.

    From its inception, Ozbreed focused on breeding plants that were tough enough to withstand the climatic extremes of drought and flood, that were low maintenance and reliable in their horticultural uniformity and performance. Each new release product is backed by over 20 years of breeding experience and an average of 5-10 years of thorough testing on each plant.

    Todd Layt is a renowned plant and turf breeder, researcher, and marketer with a passion for developing high-quality landscape plants and turf that are tough, resilient, and sustainable.

    Over the years, Todd has established himself as an industry leader and has built an impressive portfolio of over 60 different plant varieties, many of which are now selling in large numbers across the globe.

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