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Pink Fusion™ Scaevola 2



Ozbreed Green Life has an exciting line-up of plant releases that landscape professionals and gardeners can look forward to in 2023. Here is a quick look at five unique and fascinating plants that will surely inspire new and wonderful landscape and gardening ideas.

Ozbreed Zen Grass®

Zoysia spp. ‘ZOY01’ Intended

Ozbreed Zoysia Zen Grass

Ozbreed Zen Grass® will change the way lawns are grown in Australia. It is beautiful with its uniquely rippling and undulating surface. When grown like a low growing undulating lawn, big advantages abound.

This no fuss plant requires only yearly trimming, reaches a low vertical height, achieves a moderately high density that greatly reduces weeds, has good wear tolerance, and best of all, is not slow to fill in like the traditional undulating Japanese style lawns.

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Matricaria chamomilla ‘MAC01’ Intended

Ozbreed Calm-o-mile™ Matricaria chamomilla

Plants that are as “flat as a tac” are few and far between. Although chamomile can be low growing, they tend to usually grow a little tall to be classed as truly ground hugging.

The new Calm-o-mile™ not only hugs the ground closely but also spreads well from rhizomes, repairing itself from wear damage and providing a true lawn alternative that does not need regular mowing.

Calm-o-mile™ Matricaria is a step above the common or other forms. It forms a dense mat, which helps outcompete weeds and prevent soil erosion. It grows very flat, with only its flowers sitting above the foliage.

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Pink Fusion™

Scaevola spp. ‘PFS200’ Intended

Ozbreed Pink Fusion™ Scaevola

This is possibly the toughest, most useful Australian landscape flower in existence. A big claim, but Pink Fusion™ Scaevola comes with truly remarkable characteristics. The very first plant, installed in a harsh, poor, heavy roadside soil, still looks great 11 years later with practically no maintenance. It has flowered more than 70% of the time.

Pink Fusion™ Scaevola not only handles drought well; more recent plantings also coped well in the extreme wet of the east coast. This type is largely different from the regular Scaevola, as it was bred from a species that grows in harsher Australian climates. It is more compact and tighter, meaning it requires far less pruning.

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Eskdale Blue™

Poa spp. ‘POL12’ Intended

Ozbreed Eskdale Blue™ Poa spp.

With its deep blue foliage, great drought tolerance, and a recently tested ability to handle very wet conditions, Eskdale Blue™ Poa is the ultimate tussock grass for ornamental landscapes.

It grows in quickly, establishing in weeks and getting its roots deep, thanks to its strong root system. Within a year, your landscape will have a mature looking plant. In times of economic uncertainty, this saves you up to 70% on up front planting costs.

Eskdale Blue™ Poa is happy being planted in small containers such as tubes or smaller pots. It will quickly outgrow other plants and look like it has been growing in your garden for years — a trait that makes this Poa truly outstanding. If planted at 6 or more per square metre, it helps outcompete weeds, saving money on maintenance.

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Poa spp. ‘POL11’ Intended

Ozbreed Rustic™ Poa spp

Compared to other common Poa tussock grasses, Rustic™ Poa really stands out from the crowd. Its rustic foliage provides a unique colour contrast to other plants, which is even more enhanced by its seasonal changes.

Its green toned foliage turns brown quicker than other Poas, yet it keeps living year after year provided it is cut back every year or every two years.

Being 40% more compact than Eskdale Blue™ Poa, the Rustic™ Poa is a great contrasting companion plant for low-cost Australian native grass gardens or landscapes. It benefits from a cut back due to the abundance of rustic compact foliage that gives this plant a distinct look.

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Where You Can Buy?

As these are very new plants, they may be hard for the public to find initially, so we have arranged The Plant Hub, an Australian online nursery to grow and stock these 5 new varieties.

What’s New 2022?

Trusted by landscape professionals to handle the toughest conditions

These five thoroughly tested and trialed plants are products of Ozbreed’s constant desire for unique and innovative plants. They are bred for purpose, such as to address the shortcomings of previous plants to make them better, stronger, more attractive, and more useful.

All five plants offer new opportunities for gardeners and landscape professionals. Ozbreed Green Life is giving away samples of their plants, and exciting new catalogues filled with plant information. If you wish to receive copies of these, please fill out this online form.

Select Sample if you also want samples sent.

    Need More Info?

    About Ozbreed

    Ozbreed Green Life is a plant breeding, marketing, and distribution company well-known for their no fuss, functional and reliable landscape plants.

    Trusted by landscape professionals to handle the toughest conditions, they have been planted on roadsides, in large commercial projects, award-winning residential landscapes and in gardens Australia-wide as well as internationally.

    From its inception, Ozbreed focused on breeding plants that were tough enough to withstand the climatic extremes of drought and flood, that were low maintenance and reliable in their horticultural uniformity and performance. Each new release product is backed by over 20 years of breeding experience and an average of 5-10 years of thorough testing on each plant.

    Todd Layt is a renowned plant and turf breeder, researcher, and marketer with a passion for developing high-quality landscape plants and turf that are tough, resilient, and sustainable.

    Over the years, Todd has established himself as an industry leader and has built an impressive portfolio of over 60 different plant varieties, many of which are now selling in large numbers across the globe.

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