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Shade Tolerance Trials

The first two columns of this table are based on actual test results (any plants scoring an average of 7 or more were accepted as of good quality under these conditions).

Note: These tables have been updated to include new plant varieties.

Best Plants for various shaded conditions.

Light shade as an understorey in very dry conditions.
Based on this test.
Moderate heavy shade as an understorey in very dry conditions. Eg, a small amount of filtered sun.
Based on this test
Very heavy shade. Eg, dark area between two buildings.
This column is based on real world evidence and not this trial.
Little Jess™ Tasred® Tasred®
Tanika® Emerald Arch® Blaze™
King Alfred® Breeze® Emerald Arch®
Katrinus Deluxe Nyalla® Katie Belles™
Cassa Blue® Little Jess Tropic Cascade™
Breeze® Katrinus Deluxe Monty™
Savannah Blue™ Katrinus Just Right® (Liriope)
Nyalla® Wingarra® Amethyst™ (Liriope)
Katrinus King Alfred® Isabella® (Liriope)
Wingarra® Tropic Cascade™ Pink Pearl™ (Liriope)
Revelation® Blaze™ Silverlawn™ (Liriope)
Tasred® Monty™
Blaze™ Blush™
Cassica Flirt™
Katie Belles™ Obsession™
Tropic Cascade™ Cosmic White™
Eskdale (Poa) Cosmic Pink™
Kingsdale™ Silverlawn™ (Liriope)
Baby Bliss® Just Right® (Liriope)
Blush™ Amethyst™ (Liriope)
Flirt™ Isabella® (Liriope)
Obsession™ Pink Pearl™ (Liriope)
Cosmic Pink™ Pure Blonde™ (Liriope)
Cosmic White™
Just Right® (Liriope)
Amethyst™ (Liriope)
Isabella® (Liriope)
Pink Pearl™ (Liriope)
Pure Blonde™ (Liriope)
Silverlawn™ (Liriope)

The actual data gathered in this experiment helped mainly with dry shade, from moderate, to moderately heavy.

However, by combining this data with real world observations a more reliable estimate can be made of plants shade tolerance for further scenarios, including heavy shade, and moderately heavy shade with adequate water, and shaded areas that often get wet.

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To read the entire paper, download the pdf.

Shade Tolerance trials of Ozbreed plants | 300KB

Todd grew up on a turf farm where he gained his firsthand experience with turf varieties. He began breeding improved varieties and started Abulk (Turf and Wholesale Nursery) in 1990. Todd’s passion for plants and breeding grew to encompass landscape plants, which led him to start Ozbreed in 2003. Now with over 20 years breeding and marketing experience, he continues to focus on the breeding and research arm of the business.

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